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bitch better watch herself


bitch better watch herself

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From Darkness to Light by Vincent_Ting on Flickr.

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actually my life motto right there ahaha


actually my life motto right there ahaha

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yea i kno i look like an idiot but i was so overwhelmed with happiness i couldnt control what my face did (i also couldnt stop crying jfc)

I can understand the appeal here, and please don’t take these comments as any sort of attack because they aren’t meant as such, but this is a pretty poor situation for these cats to be in.  I would say “unless it’s an AZA facility,” but given that there is a white tiger cub there’s no way it could be.  The breeding of white tigers is outlawed in AZA zoos and many others, because all white tigers are inbred and unhealthy, every one.  In addition, cub petting schemes are also extremely detrimental, and do not support conservation purposes even though many handlers will tell you it does.  Many of the cubs end up sick, and are abandoned when they are too large to handle.  I encourage you to not support these kinds of attractions in the future, and pleaseee feel free to message me if you have further questions about it.

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This will make you feel better

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